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Glacierware Mfg Inc
142 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA 01027



Don't you absolutely LOVE the Slushee's you get at the Fairs, and Convenience Store?
Then you'll really appreciate the amazing mug that will take your favorite flavor beverage, and turn it into the same Slushee treat, IN MINUTES.
At Home with No Mess-NO Fuss

Buy Your Own Slush Mug Now!!!Cola's
Root Beer
Orange Juice
Smoothies ..To name a few.
 (see the list of satisfied customer favorites)

In 5 Minutes you could be enjoying a thick Smooth SLUSH Treat, made from your Favorite Juice Flavor, Soda Pop, Smoothie recipe
(or any flavor drink)



What do you look for
in a Satisfying Treat?
Must be FAST, Easy to make
Full Flavored, not watered down.
Easy clean Up
Ready when I am

Introducing the Slush Mug


My brother and I grew up on Slush Mugs- My mom was the best at after school treats, Now I have children and I want them to have the great memories of Instant Slush treats that I had.

Works without Ice, needs no blender. Will magically turn any non-diet drink, into a thick, rich satisfying slush that you can SLURP or enjoy with a spoon!!! It's that thick and refreshing.

I LOVE Dr Pepper slushees. When I couldn't find one in the local convenience store, I was wondering about a slushee machine for the basement, while searching the web i found your Slush Mug. Now I have to refrain from having too many Dr pepper slushees each day..... R.A.   OR.

Whether your just watching a movie on TV, (with popcorn and a Root Beer Slushee) or sitting by the pool, ANYTIME is the perfect time for a SLUSH.
It's the perfect refreshing snack!!! Ready when you want one, in minutes.
(Order your very own Slush Mug Here! Satisfaction Guaranteed)

From your favorite smoothie recipe (see some satisfied customer smoothie favorite recipes) to wholesome milk and juice flavors, Slush mug can handle them all, effortlessly and QUICK.

There are hundreds of Flavored drinks to choose from on the grocery store shelves, no need to limit yourself to the 2 or 3 choices offered at the local convenience store. BE CREATIVE

The Slush Mug is easy and fun!!.
               It's Quick and EASY
Just freeze the white Glaciercore, in the freezer until hard, usually overnight. Return the frozen capsule to the shell and pour in your favorite naturally sweetened beverage (Diet drinks don't make a soft, full bodied Slush!). The beverage will start to slush on the sides, stir from the sides, and wait until slush begins to thicken, then stir again. In Minutes you'll be enjoying a thick, delicious, full-bodied, Slush.
                               Then ENJOY!!!

Slush Mugs have been around for years,
and sold through Major catalog houses,
Target and Ames department stores and have been Showcased on QVC television Nationally.

You must be wondering how this works?

 Your ALT-Text here The
Secrets in the Magical Glaciercore.

Made with over 1 pound of super freezing patented solution (made from all FDA food approved components) the Glaciercore actually gets colder than your freezer when it's thickening the smoothie, by crystallizing the natural ingredients in the beverage.
The mugs are designed with our own
patented refrigerant (non-Toxic and permanently sealed) 

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Juices, Soda Pop, Milk Drinks...
Slush them all
Thick, Smooth Slush of your favorite beverage. Slurp it with a straw or enjoy it with a spoon.

That's how we're able to deliver Smooth Thick Long lasting consistency that's so appealing.
(Are you ready to own your very own Slush Mug??
Satisfaction Guaranteed- Click here)

When the removable core is expired.. Just return it to the freezer for a few hours and it's ready again!

Recharges for Years!!
You don't have to worry about buying
a product that won't last!

The Glaciercore will recharge for years!!!!!!
Some of our customers have been recharging their cores for over Five years,
and it's still going strong.

By now I hope your convinced that the Glacierware Smoothie Maker, is the Ultimate RISK FREE way to enjoy the Thickest Mouthwatering smoothies.

That's right.... Don't like it we'll take it back!!!,
no questions asked..
as simple as that.
The LIFETIME guarantee
on workmanship should make your decision even easier.

Secure server web, SSL Security
Your card and info are safe
we sell no information to anyone else. Period.

Call us Toll Free at 1-800-636-8520 for any more questions you might have, or to order from a live person or order below:

        Your ALT-Text here Guaranteed Satisfaction
Only $12.95

You'll get...
Amazing Slush Mug (available in Red or Blue)
Booklet with taste tempting Smoothie and Slushee combination recipes

Choose Colors  




Purchase extra Glaciercore so you'll always have one ready
Only $6.50... Free Shipping for orders $35.00 or more


10's of thousands in use
Thousands of Glaciercores are in use by satisfied customers. Many, who write us, say that they wouldn't be without it!
They find it's the most healthy and satisfying way to enjoy and relax.
Their greatest complaint, is that the mug is constantly being "borrowed" by their friends and neighbors and not returned.
"That's how good of an impression it makes!"

My personal favorites to slush are Snapple Pink Lemonade, to that mouthwatering slightly sour taste that cools and refreshes even on the hottest Summer days. The second greatest flavor is Milk and Tang (or Orange Juice) to make a truly taste sensation, reminiscent of a Creamsicle Ice Cream.
I'm sure you'll find your own favorite!. For a list of other flavors that our customers have sent in, see our favorite Slushes recipes. Favorite Slush Recipes

Fantastic treat for ALL Ages                 
It's Magic!....and delicious. Imagine your favorite beverage, enjoyed with a SPOON!, as an delicious Icy full-bodied Slush.


What a great way to enjoy a delicious and healthy treat for your family, while they have FUN.

Convinced? Purchase your very own Slush Mug
                (Order my very own Slush Mug)



 Your ALT-Text here

Free Shipping (Continental USA) for Web customers on orders over $35.00


100% Satisaction GUARANTEED

No Mess NO Fuss

●Healthy Fruit Juices to a dessert like treat in

●Removable Glaciercore fits in freezer door, no wasted space.

●Sent UPS in 24 Hrs,
●Free Shipping

●Recharges for Years

Satisfied Customer Testimonials

T. H. ..."Please hurry-I'm look forward to owning a Slush Mug again!"

B.L....I'm so excited to find you on the web. I discovered how great chocolate pudding is it. Now I can tell people what they are and how to get them.

J.B...."I can't tell you how many hours we sat in the back yard, stirring our mugs and watching them turn to slurpees."

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